New N.E. Area Police Station Bids 8/20/13 2:00 pm



The proposed project would replace the existing 41,000 square-foot two-story administration building at the Northeast Area Community Police Station with a new 52,000 square-foot two-story administration building. The new facility will be designed along the lines of the Olympic/20th Area Police Station*. The LAPD determined that this design would provide the best overall layout for their operational needs. The new facility would house the same complement of assigned staff and apparatus as the existing station. Police operations would continue in the existing administration building during construction of the new building; once construction is complete, the existing administration building would be demolished. After demolition, the area that had been occupied by the building would be resurfaced as a landscaped, surface parking area.

SUB BIDS DUE 8/20/13 at 2:00 pm / email bids to

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